1930’s Castol Oil Pourer Jug


I recently found this 1930’s one quart Castrol Wakefield oil pouring jug tucked away in the far corner of my dads garage. It had been there for years but due to the build up of dirt on it, I’d never spotted it. He believes it belonged to his fathers corn mill business and remembers using it to fill up his own Morris Traveller when he first learned to drive.

The jug had some sort of thick oil/tar like substance in the bottom which came out fairly easily with a liberal spraying of brake cleaner. I didnt want to ruin the patina of the outside, so I used a fine wire wool on the bare metal areas. To prevent removing any more of the paint, I used a bit of GT40 lubricating oil on a soft rag to remove the dust from the text and green background

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with the jug, I’m not an ‘oil can guy’ as such (but I do think Mike from American pickers collection is pretty cool). For now it’s a one item collection of on the shelf in my office.

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