Saitek Booster Boy for Nintendo Game Boy


The Saitek Booster Boy is one of those unofficial add-on products for the original Nintendo Game Boy. Nowadays only likely to interest hardened collectors, who want every possible accessory. Designed for a time before backlit screens, they offered avid gamers the chance to own an all in one accessory pack that did it’s best to ‘improve’ on the chunkiness of the Game Boy, and elevate it to ridiculously cumbersome.

The Booster Boy wasnt without its uses however, I’m sure many of us experienced having to power-off our favourite hand-held device once it became to dark to see the screen on those long car journeys? With its twin screen illuminating lights you could instead play until it’s 4x C batteries finally expired. The screen was also magnified giving a large screen experience without extra resolution. Presumably the pricey battery option also improved upon the length of play-time that the 4x AA batteries originally gave.

The front of the Saitek unit incorporates a removable panel with some rather chunky buttons and a joystick intended to help press the Game Boys directional D-Pad, presumably these features are designed to help those who might struggle with dexterity. Behind the panel, the user can insert their Nintendo Game Boy and connect power and headphone jack leads, before replacing the panel and securing it with a very large, plastic, pinkish purple slider. Another pink button controls the illumination for the screen light.

2 comments on “Saitek Booster Boy for Nintendo Game Boy”

  1. Dylan says:

    Just recently acquired one of these, Does anyone seem to know the voltage required for it?

    1. Rick says:

      It’s written on it lol 🙄

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