Kona Grips


Kona Pseudopod Glow in the Dark Grips

On the 2000 range of bikes, Kona fitted Glow in the dark Pseudopod grips with a BMX style collar weighing in at 125g. These mirrored the luminescent frame graphics and were manufactured from hardwearing Kraton rubber. The black collar is decorated with several K-Nine logos on both sides. The pseudopod name refers to the ‘blob’ like shape that Kona used in their branding throughout the 2000s.

These particular grips came from a 2000 Caldera and are getting to the point where they will be consigned to the parts bin.

Kona Pseudopod glow in the dark grips

The grips were still listed for sale on the konaworld.com website in Aug 2013, (SKU:CMPKONGR02) retailing at $10.00, so had a fairly long product life.


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Kona Jack-Shit Grips

Info coming soon


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  1. Dylan J says:

    I want a set of these for my 2001 Blast so freakin bad, I’ll probably never find them..

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