Treasure Chest Locking Money Box


10yr old me used to love leafing through the Argos catalogue, taking in all the exciting toys, gadgets and even homeware. One item that I actually went as far as buying was this lockable plastic treasure chest, bought with some of the pocket money that I intended to store in it. I imagine most children find the idea of pirate treasure to be exciting, and the opportunity to secure all the secrets kept by a 10 year old (mainly cheat codes for video games written on scraps of paper) in it was too tempting to resist.

Once unlocked with the high security metal key, you could access one of the two storage areas, either the pull out drawer, or area hidden under the hinged lid.

2 comments on “Treasure Chest Locking Money Box”

  1. Barrie Bailey says:

    Good morning,

    I recently found my old treasure chest whilst sorting out some other things in the loft. Unfortunately, I have spent days searching for the keys but can’t find them.

    Do you know where I could buy replacement keys?

  2. Simon Royal says:

    I had one of these and gave it to my son. I have asked many times if I could have it back but he loves it. It must be 25 years old but still going.

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