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Wakefield Metropolitan District Council retro match box

Words & Images - James Ross

I lit a barbeque yesterday with the last match from a box my dad had given me to use up. I was about to throw it away but decided it might be worth taking a couple of photographs first. My dad used to work for the local authority and at some point, got given a bunch of these boxes of matches and a matching mug coaster from a neighbouring council. I thought it interesting that whenever these were produced (the 5 digit phone number suggest pre-1980's), Wakefield Metropolitan District Council had a budget to buy branded match boxes as part of a recruitment drive.

I've got a background in Graphic Design, so any snapshots of how designers worked before such tools as Photoshop interest me. It also struck me that there are probably very few of these left (if any), and it's the sort of item that could quite easily be lost forever due to its cultural insignificance.

we'd like your company in Wakefield recruitment advert
"We'd like your company in Wakefield" promotional match box

The match box reads "we'd like your company in WAKEFIELD" and on the reverse "Details of development opportunities from Promotions Officer WAKEFIELD Metropolitan Distric Council 70211"

Wakefield Council Match Box
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council promotional match box