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1970's and 80's Duplo Lego Figures

Words & Images - James Ross

In the toy box today we have these chunky Lego Duplo characters dating from the late nineteen seventies and eighties. I'm sure they will be familiar to many of our members, I recently found two of them in a box from my own childhood and the older two were donated to my family in a box of modern duplo.

Vintage duplo people from the 1970s

First up we have this white cat, stamped 001 Interlego AG 1977, originally part of the Mary's House set.

1977 Lego Duplo white cat

Next we have this taxi driver with a fine moustache and green cap, also from 1977. Originally he would have come as part of one of three sets, either 087 Taxi driver, 535 Taxi, or 2621 Tractor

1977 duplo taxi driver with green cap, moustache and blue base

Now on to the two from my own childhood, it's a 1980 cowboy with brown wild west hat, he came as either the Pony trailer set (Part: 2627) or as part of a vehicles set (Part: 1027). I think the Pony set is the likely one which I owned, I'm fairly certain I've seen a brown horse that probably makes up a second piece of this set

1980 duplo cowboy figure with brown western hat and blue body

Lastly for now, it's the 1982 red baron complete with flying goggles, he only came as part of one aviation themed set which was 2622-1: little plane.

1982 Duplo aviator figure with goggles and moustache