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Funfax Pocket Organiser System for Kids

Words & Images - James Ross

funfax childrens organiser system

Over Christmas I had a root around in my parents attic and uncovered my funfax, a (*large) pocket organiser for children, loosely based on the filofax. I'd forgotten just how much I used to love this thing, the excitement at filling out your details, and spending pocket money on new books which you could insert as sections.

The Funfax Organiser System was published by Henderson Publishing Limited, my particular copy is a 1990 edition and cost £4.99.

Here's a couple of the books that I bought to go in my ring binder, you could choose from pretty much any topic. i think a few of mine show set me on a course to be interested in some of the things I like today.

Funfax mini books

Funfax Books I owned

Start CollectingFrances Kendle1993
Amazing Fun FactsSusannah Bradley
Fun with MathsJill Price1991
Disguise and False IdentityChristine Green1993
Spy TacticsFran Pickering1993
The Aquapark AdventureJenni Fleetwood1993
Beginner's Guide to PhotographyJim Symonds1991
Sticker FunBarry Green1992

Funfax Magin Organiser System

A bit more digging turned up this magic edition, from a time where I bored my family with my Paul Daniels magic set, and they feigned amazement at my array of 'tricks'. This funfax was released slightly later in 1994.

Fun fax magic organiser system insode funfax magic edition orgainiser system